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Many students struggle with executive functioning skills while in college. In this workshop series you will learn strategies in how to get started on new tasks, how to manage your time with all your responsibilities, and how to keep your materials organized. Additionally, skills will be provided to assist students in getting motivated to accomplish tasks, strategies for memorizing, and skills in project completion.

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Course Options
There will be two groups, one is on Tuesdays, and the other one is on Wednesdays. Please choose which group you'll attend.

Group 1
  • Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 9am - 10am. 
  • Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 9am - 10am.
  • Tuesday, Feb.  7 at 9am - 10am.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 14 at 9am - 10am.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 9am - 10am.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 9am - 10am.
Group 2
  • Wednesday, Jan. 25 at 3pm - 4pm.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 3pm - 4pm.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 3pm - 4pm.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 3pm - 4pm.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 22 at 3pm - 4pm.
  • Wednesday, March 1 at 3pm - 4pm.